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The Twin Lakes Inn & saloon

The heart of hospitality in Twin Lakes, Colorado

Lodging @ Twin Lakes Inn

The Twin Lakes Inn in Twin Lakes Colorado has served guests since 1879. Recently renovated, history and charm still live in its timbers.

The Twin Lakes Inn
​& Saloon

Twin Lakes, CO

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twin lakes inn

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​​call 719-486-7965| email: info@thetwinlakesinn.com

​Overnight guests, through-travelers and locals agree: Dining at The Twin Lakes Inn & Saloon is another reason for you to visit Twin Lakes.

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Twin lakes inn

With twelve uniquely styled rooms, including four with private baths, lodging at the Inn is a perfect base camp for your Twin Lakes adventures. 

The friendly, local staff at The Twin Lakes Inn helps you plan your arrival and are happy to share tips on what to see and do during your stay.